Providing business and pleasure travelers with Access to a world
of Convenience, Safety and Luxury.

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Convenience, Safety, and luxury

JVJohan combines unique technology & professionalism in serving the needs of luxury travelers for business and pleasure with the resources of Some of the world’s largest airlines, to provide a truly innovative travel solution. We provide business and pleasure travelers with Access to a world of Convenience, Safety, and Luxury.

We also offer various AVIATION SERVICES offering Airlines and Airports an integrated range of Aviation ground services to contribute to their development by meeting the expectations of their customers. We understand the highly specialized needs of the aviation business and provide services of the highest standards.

27 years
of experience
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JVJohan provides market leading solutions across ACMI leasing, air charter, various aviation services
such as asset management and strategic advisory services

  • luxury and comfort
    Travel without feeling like a traveler. Experience travel that is personalized. Experience travel that is luxurious. Experience travel that is effortless and in a class by itself.
  • Safety and confidentiality
    We have achieved the highest rating from the major third-party safety auditing companies. These organizations set the safety standards for the private jet charter industry.
  • Personal schedule
    With our fleet of more than 70 Wi-Fi equipped aircraft, we provide you the convenience and flexibility of flying on your own time and schedule.
  • Access
    JVJohan Jets combines more than several years of travel experience with the resources of the best Jets. With 24/7 service, you have access to Our Private Jets.
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Popular destinations

With access to over 7000 aircraft from helicopters to global cabin jets, you have the flexibility to choose the aircraft that suits your journey.

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Paris – Barcelona

Departure: 17:50 Arrival: 20:42

London – Madrid

Departure: 17:50 Arrival: 20:42

Hamburg – Stockholm

Departure: 17:50 Arrival: 20:42

Benji – Nepal

Departure: 17:50 Arrival: 20:42

Milan – Stockholm

Departure: 17:50 Arrival: 20:42

London – Moscow

Departure: 17:50 Arrival: 20:42

Madrid – Prague

Departure: 17:50 Arrival: 20:42

Vienna – Rome

Departure: 17:50 Arrival: 20:42

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